I am pleased to share this message from Dave Agema with voting delegates to the Michigan Republican State Convention on Saturday in Novi. (See Mr. Agema’s words below the photo of Horning and Steele in “quotes”.)


“Dear Republican precinct delegate,

This Saturday you and I will be exercising our responsibility to nominate those who will best represent our ideals and who will best defend our platform.

Several months ago I made an early recommendation for a position on the University of Michigan Regents before all candidates were in the race. I appreciate the contributions all four candidates have made to the University, the Republican Party and the citizens of this state.

The campaign has surfaced a lot of information not known before. Some candidates have taken new positions, or stances that contrast with previous positions and actions. The bottom line is we need to nominate the two very best candidates for The University of Michigan. Candidates consistent on the issues over a period of time who best carry with them our values.

I believe Michigan Regents should be prepared to be leaders not only on the University campuses, but to assist K-12 institutions in developing the standards, leadership and incentives to assure the very best opportunities for students, and demanding excellence in learning.

The primary and secondary students are the university students of the future. Federal interference in education is not a good trend. Common Core Standards and the related testing and curricula should not trump local educators who know the students, professional staff and community best.

The University of Michigan has a very large budget, a huge endowment, excellent research facilities, and a medical system that is a major part of that budget.

I believe sending a Regent with experience at the University and the Medical Center is vital, and we have a unique opportunity compared to typical Regents. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Robert Steel for Regent.

I also believe experience at the University is a valuable asset. Dan Horning served an eight year term as Regent and knows the University, its challenges and potentials. He was first on the Board to fight discrimination and preferential treatment of some students, a practice that denied many otherwise qualified students from our own state.

The prescription for University of Michigan that I feel will work best is that offered by Dr. Rob Steele and Dan Horning.

Both will stand up to the Administration and the Democrats on the Board. The taxpayers heavily subsidize our state universities. We need that investment to be preserved for legal Michigan residents.

I encourage my fellow delegates to rise above division and support both Dan Horning and Dr. Rob Steele at the state convention this Saturday.


David Agema
Michigan Republican National Committeeman”

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