Reagan’s Evil Empire Speech reminded me that Obama’s trick at the National Prayer Breakfast was prideful, not humble.


On Sunday, NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd asked New York Times columnist and Obama-Republican David Brooks about the president’s comments at the Prayer Breakfast last week.  Brooks said:

Well, I’m pro-Obama. I’m totally pro-Obama on this. I think he said the right thing. Listen, it was a gospel of humility. What sorts of people need a little gospel of humility? People in Washington, pundits, religious believers, I happen to be all three of those things.

It’s not news that David Brooks would agree with President Obama, however, Brooks towed the line for Obama unlike others, pointing to the comments as a call toward humility.  Indeed, President Obama used the word, “humility” seven times in his speech, like a political buzz-word, that causes the listener to equate his remarks with the righteousness of a humble man.

But Obama instead coaxed believers to question their faith and indulge in the sin of pride because of the necessity by which the president must attach everything to politics or be seen in a political light.

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Via http://jenkuznicki.com/2015/02/obama-anti-christian-rant-not-humility-but-sin-of-pride/

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