SellingOutSign“If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This is the second time that Cindy Gamrat (at the behest of Todd Courser?) has considered throwing her hat in the ring for RNC Committeewoman. This is also the second time she has made an attempt to Undermine the TP/Liberty movement this month. An apparent pattern is beginning to emerge, one that many, myself included, were blinded to by Friendship and possibly misplaced loyalty.

Many of us Know that Cindy Gamrat asked Both Cindy Duran and Angela Rigas, to effectively cancel their house races, and Commit their Campaign resources and volunteers to her fight. (Were there others asked to do so?) Angela Rigas and Cindy Duran were both taking on sitting incumbents. With the recent revelations of the endorsement of Ronna last week, and the propping up of Calley at the Pow Wow, one could easily speculate on the motives of such a request, the origination of the requests, and who would benefit the most if either had dropped out? Many realize that while Pscholka and Lyons both still won, neither is in a position of leadership in the house today, and much of the credit for that goes to the diminishing of their power due to being challenged. A secondary thought is the arrogance involved in the concept that a candidate has the “Right” to commit the time, energy, and resources of volunteers, to others.

There was a big divide prior to the last convention amongst the Tea Party factions against Wes Nakagiri, right up to the end, Led mainly by Todd and Cindy. I was worried from the start, that Wes would be used to identify Loyalties for the coming purge of delegates, and help the GOP establishment consolidate their power. I and others came late to helping Wes, (after Todd dawdled for MONTHS in indecision) because he (Wes) was challenging the establishment, and they needed that challenge. Looking back, one could argue that Todd used the speculation to undermine support for Wes, possibly even at the Behest of the Calley camp. Todd and Cindy spent almost a year Trying to convince me that Calley was the man to support, while at the same time Todd was publicly claiming to leave the door open for himself.

I suggested that We have Wes at the Pow Wow as a featured Speaker to HEAL the old woulds and Unite the movement. I was shot down and instead the Focus was on Promoting John Yob, (Which I only partially regret, there is a lot we can learn from John). Three Days before the event, I was informed that instead of a move for Unity with Wes, Brian Calley would be given the stage. Wendy Day orchestrated for The man who led the purge of conservative delegates, to take the stage at the Tea Party’s premiere event, only a month after the Defeat of Wes Nakagiri. My concern was that this would seen by many as yet another victory lap, and an open betrayal of those purged, many of whom were already registered. My request for Cindy to reconsider, or at least include the people who helped get her elected on stage, was ignored.

Last Weeks endorsement of Ronna was an also an orchestrated Betrayal. Two endorsements, posted 7 minutes apart. A last minute shot over the bow to discourage and undermine Norm Hughes supporters and morale. Most Know I have not always agreed with Norm, (much of that blame is due to Todd) but backing him was the RIGHT THING FOR THE CAUSE. Todd and Cindy should have been on the side of those who helped them, not for Norm’s sake, but for the sake of ALL those who stood and fought beside them.

The Founding Fathers lost most of their Battles, but won the War, because they Persevered and continued fighting for what is right. Imagine if instead of signing the “Treaty of Alliance” on Feb 6th 1778 the French had sent out an Endorsement of King George? Imagine if an official Declaration of French support for the British had been announced on December 24th 1776 ? How might History have been rewritten if French Foreign Minister Comte de Vergennes had penned a negative response to “The Crisis” in early January of 1777?

Todd and Cindy could have at least stayed Neutral. They could have stood silently out of the Fray, and let the cards fall where they may. I heard about their endorsement during our Tea Party meeting, Thursday evening, where we were planning strategy for the weekend. I can tell you that NO ONE at that meeting, all of who had stood with Todd or Cindy over the years, was in agreement with them. Choosing to endorse Ronna was a move that had zero benefit for the Tea Party movement. It was entirely self serving, and done with (I hope) no thought to how destructive it would be to the Cause. The only ones who benefited were those already in the Ronna camp, or those currying favor, and trying to consolidate power for their own benefits.

Many know that rumors of deals were tossed around concerning Kim and Ronna, we never went to a runoff, so we can only speculate on whether deals were actually made. Many wondered what was the benefit for Todd and Cindy Last week? Why the complete switch of sides, and stand against so many who helped them get where they are today? They cannot argue that it was an early decision, made before the players were known. The argument that it was a slap in the face to Norm, for past differences between he and Todd, is possible, but petty on Todd’s part if true. By endorsing Ronna, Todd was getting in bed with the alliance folks, who publicly betrayed him far worse than the private slights between him and Norm. Cindy running for the RNC seat is in My opinion a No win for the Tea Party. If she wins, the Domacles’ sword of whether a deal was cut will forever hang over her head. If she loses, the public perception will be that the movement has failed yet again, and is no longer relevant, furthering the argument of the hardcore establishment supporters.
It is time to accept Todd and Cindy as legislators, we can hope they will vote the right way on policy, keep us informed on legislative issues, and we can assist them when it benefits the cause of fighting statism. However, we have survived the multiple attempts to Co-opt the movement in the past, the moves by various self interested individuals to direct and control it, and will do so again. It is time for them to focus on the jobs they were elected to do, settle in and help further the cause of Religious Freedom, Lower taxes, and smaller Government, and leave future political aspirations to the future.

All relationships can survive almost anything, as long as some kind of basic humanity exists between the people involved. When one person apparently doesn’t care about the other, chooses self interest and self preservation over loyalty, not only to individuals, but to a cause, it borders on unforgivable. The petty individual differences are forgivable. The betrayal and undermining of the Tea Party movement last week set the Quantum of Solace to zero. Politics makes some people insecure, When the other person not only makes you feel insecure, but actually seems to want to destroy you, it is obviously the end.



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