GOP-LogoNow that I have had a week to simmer, I am able to coherently put my thoughts down on what happened during last week’s MIGOP state convention. It was a tough one for grassroots conservatives and liberty-minded folks in many respects, but it was not without a silver lining. It was just a reminder that we have a lot of work ahead of us before getting our party, and then our country, back in the right direction.

Sadly but not shockingly, the delegates chose Romney over Reagan. They chose name recognition over experience. They chose style over substance. They chose pomp and circumstance over the genuine article. This is nothing new. The GOP delegates have done this plenty of times before. It seems as if a majority of them are just content to show up to the country club atmosphere, attend some parties, hobnob with some faces they’ve seen on TV, feel like they’re big and important for a couple of days, and mindlessly follow orders from their political masters. The great journalist and political theorist H.L. Mencken once said, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” And whether they realize it yet or not, Republican delegates took it ‘good and hard’ in Lansing last weekend for the Party Chair race.

This isn’t to say that Ronna Romney-McDaniel shouldn’t be given a chance to live up to her rhetoric. After all, on the campaign trail, she said she was a hardcore grassroots conservative republican. Let’s hope that she does live up to her talking points. However, if she ends up backstabbing us like so many establishment GOP politicians have done in recent memory, we must be ready to hold her feet to the fire. Unity is a great concept as long as we have something worthwhile to unify around. Ronna Romney-McDaniel must be a worthwhile conservative leader who stands up to Rick Snyder and his progressivism. If she does not live up to those expectations, she must receive serious backlash from a combative and energized grassroots. We must re-charge our batteries and be ready to serve in this role as soon as possible.

It may be hard to get your energy up in lieu of what happened last weekend, but it’s more necessary than ever. The way we win is by taking our lumps, and showing up again with more people next time. The corrupt GOP establishment has an endless sum of money. They can paper over conventions and buy off people left and right. We saw that at this past convention, and we saw many supposed conservative ‘leaders’ show their true colors as a result. However, all the payola in the world won’t matter if we can put butts in the seats. We have the message that can get disaffected independents and conservatives off the couch and into the mix. If enough of those people sign up as delegates and show up to these conventions, we WILL win. This was on full display in several districts where we had success last weekend.

Campaign for Liberty deputy state coordinator David Dudenhoffer became the chairman of the 13th District. Organizer of the Greater West Bloomfield Republican Club Janine Kateff won chairmanship in the 14th District. Former state legislator and nullification enthusiast Tom McMillin became chairman in the 8th District. Darwin Jiles Jr. won in his upstart bid for the Ethnic Vice Chair position as well. They all beat establishment favorites to secure their posts. Previously, they had all been disrespected in various ways by powerful forces within the party. They could have taken their ball and went home, but they didn’t. They showed the tenacity and the stubborn refusal to give up in the face of adversity, and it paid off big time. This shows what we can accomplish when we tune out the establishment’s nonsense and organize effectively.

Although the sleeping giant didn’t exactly awaken during last week’s state convention, you could definitely hear some rumblings. We are clearly changing the makeup of the GOP with our presence. Every GOP political figure these days can’t stop talking about how they stand for principled conservatism and limited government. Obviously, many of them do not live up to that rhetoric but it is a good sign that they have to pay incessant lip service to win over their constituents. It shows that liberty en vogue, and our viewpoints have become the mainstream party consensus. Now we just have to hunker down, and hammer in the final nails to the establishment’s coffin. Then we can control the party, and that means no Medicaid Expansion, Common Core implementation and insane tax hikes being pushed under the Republican banner anymore.

This is what we are on the cusp of right now. Don’t fall for the establishment’s hocus pocus. The establishment likes to strut around like they are invincible, but that is all a ruse. Their dog and pony show is on the verge of falling apart. The only way we lose at this point is by quitting now. If we get out there, run for political office, find other disaffected people, funnel them into our organizations, and get them into the precinct delegate program, we win the next time around. In the 11th district where I live, we were only about 10-15 people short of turning the tables. If only five people from my district run for office in the next year or so and recruit three active delegates per person, we turn the tables. That is how close we are to achieving our goal at this point.

While it is virtually impossible not to have a bad taste in your mouth after what happened in the State Chair race last week, that type of garbage is coming to an end if we want it to. If we keep doing what we are doing, this corruption will be stomped out rather quickly. But if we fall for their trap and submit or give up, that is how they win. Look at the progress we have made, not just in the 8th, 13th and 14th Districts, but across the state and around the country. We have Michigan’s very own Justin Amash being the crown jewel amongst dozens of legislators who represent our values in Washington D.C. We have Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz in the Senate continuously fighting the good fight for freedom lovers across the country. We have come very far. We must not stop now.

So lick your wounds, patriots. We’ll get them next time. It wasn’t easy for the Founding Fathers, and it won’t be easy for us. But the hard work that we have put in must not go in vain. Failure is not an option. It is time to dig in your heels, and step up your fight. If you need any assistance from me in this regard, I am just a phone call (248.563.8250) or e-mail away.



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