Prisons in Michigan like the Marquette Branch Prison and Detroit Reentry Center release many felons each year. These ex-felons will be faced with the challenges of trying to re-enter society and become productive citizens.

Most of them will find that the odds are stacked against them, as a prison sentence carries a significant stigma that many people are unwilling to overlook. Employment in particular will be difficult to find, but there are jobs for felons in Michigan if they are patient and get in touch with the right organizations.

Finding a felon friendly job in Michigan and suitable housing are pressing needs for many former inmates.

A few will be lucky enough to locate transitional housing or they may be sent to halfway houses as a condition of parole. The really lucky ones will have their own home waiting for them on their return to society. Others will be able to live with friends or family members.

Naturally, renting a room will be impossible without some form of income, so this is the primary consideration for most former inmates. This double-edged sword can make life quite miserable for the former inmate unless they get help.

Applying Directly for Jobs

This might not occur to many ex-felons, but a number of organizations will consider applicants who have served time in prison.

Each company has its own guidelines for rejecting applicants so full disclosure is essential. Popular home improvement retail chain Lowe’s for example will employ these individuals as baggers or forklift operators. However, they will not consider any applicant who has been convicted of felonies such as burglary or receipt of stolen property. Other sources of employment include:

  • Security companies: Duties may include installing security systems or safeguarding property
  • Nightclubs: These businesses sometimes need bouncers or bartenders
  • Fast food outlets: Many of these companies like Golden Corral and Dunkin’ Donuts hire ex-felons in a variety of roles

Some ex-felons find jobs with grocery store chains, trucking companies, fish markets, factories and even in the government sector. In each case it will be at the employer’s discretion whether to hire an individual convicted of a felony. Most individuals convicted of violent or sexual crimes will be ruled out by most companies, regardless of the type of job. Some known felon friendly employers are:

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Ace Hardware
  • Best Western
  • Bridgestone
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Federal Express
  • Walmart

Any company listed as felon friendly can change their policies at any time, so always confirm that they still employ felons. Also, remember that sending in an application is not a guarantee of employment.

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