(L-R) Doug Sedenquist, Congressman Dan Benishek, Terry Saunders

Dear Michigan Republican Party,

Please accept this letter as my resignation from the MIGOP state committee. Recently, I was found guilty by a jury of my peers of a felony. So in light of the standards in the MIGOP bylaws, I feel I am no longer qualified or will I be available to serve out the remainder of my term on that committee. Even tho I maintain my innocence and believe the jury’s verdict to be wrong, I do realize that this verdict undermines my leadership to steer the MIGOP back towards the 2012 RNC platform. So I formally resign. However, I remain committed to the principles in the 2012 RNC Platform, smaller & limited government, free markets, lower taxes, and Pro-Life! It is my sincere wish that God blesses all of you, the State of Michigan and our great Republic! Long live freedom!


Douglas Sedenquist

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